Half Life

by Man Vs Grind

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The Debut Album from Man Vs Grind veers into the uncertainty of a monopolized and decaying world.

Featuring 10 tracks from unrelenting death grind to rhythmic speach.

Time is all we have.


released April 3, 2016

Man Vs Grind Were

George - Instrumentation
Wallace - Noise

Noise recorded at Brother 5 studios.
All instrumentation, mixing and mastering at The Tomb Studio





Man Vs Grind Australia

Man vs Grind is a collaborative Experimental Grind project.

Initially started by George in 2013 as an outlet for Eurphoric Musings and dystopian dreams.

A number of recordings were done including what would become "Benumbed".

Late 2015 George reached out to a Wallace to complete the ever evolving form that is MVG.
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Track Name: Intro
As the eyelids of this delirium collapse into the shapeless forms of intangible mattter i relise we are filth.
Track Name: Governed By Guilt
Governed By Guilt. I debase myself with errors of the past
Propaganda forces the inadequescies of control FUCK THE MEDIA. Burnt within my sould, i hate what i am, programmed to consume. Ashes of empires bathed in oil to dilute the blood, Money over Nothing YOU FUCKING PLEBS
Track Name: Half Life
I think therefore I am, I Bleed Therefore i was our true nature to suffer.Through the shackles of confinement.
HALF LIFE - DISGUST. How can I define being? When life has no value. Exploitation of the self by the false ego.HALF Life we are slaves by GREED.
Track Name: Barren Earth
we are slaves on the shoulders of tyrants,
our vision is skewed by manufactured deceit
Barren earth, Torn from our earthy womb to bastardise our lands
this will become our tomb in your hands
Track Name: Mothertongue
The words that are freed from my lungs Breed examples of the ties that bind.
In the depths of the subconcious mind, were our true selves reside
where neurons collide, away from the false ego and patriarcal pride.
Were marketing is denied. i find solace in my own mind
Subdued by nurturing forces forces these mental sources, retrivial cues have no relevance
to matters of matter. Amidst a wonderless land all men are hatters, playing to cicadian bands.
Creation and destruction i assign to either hand, witness the duality of man
If language is the process of free creation, why do i feel no relation? but stranded.
are patients with no patience? with our earthly womb on life support
with our true value less than naught.
amoung all nations, upon all spiritual migrations, residing in my foundations
are we not atomic vibrations? sharing the same sensations? Adapatations on similar mutations?
looking at my hands i see the same limitations,not just serving a vocation
i aspire to one affirmation, to no longer see objectification, humiliation, degradation and synthetic aberations.
i dont identify as heathen, but i havent found what im seeking, all i know is i need to keep breathing.
while my age comes creepiing
I dont identify with any name, so i stake no claim. we overcame the dark ages, we lost our shamen, medicine men,
guides and mages. so my soul rages, im lost.. locked in the confines of this concrete cages and dystopian spaces.
we bastardise our voices, by removing need form our noises. joyless valueless.
from this im done, Humanity has cursed my mothertongue..
Track Name: Systematic Evolutionary Slavery
SES:Prols? SES Pawns To Greed Life In Chains SLAVES!! SYSTEMATIC EVOLUTIONARY SLAVERY Form our birth Conrtol our mind as they rot from inside need to breathe, decaying sky Need to See, Tainted Eyes SES!! A Way Of Life Ficticious Money Ensares our Kind, Meek, Dumb and Blind ECONOMIC ENSLAVEMENT.
Track Name: Waiting For Traige (Triagy of Lost Service)
Waiting For Triage: WAIT!!! Standing in line,Service? Waste of time my foot is throbbing Waiting room is full of disease, Agony is all around. How is this Ethical? STILL WAITING IN LINE. An hour has gone front of the line, The Nurse calls m, Have some pills for a good time..SIT DOWN..this is awkward Old people, whats that smell? Did someone die? i guess not. Still waiting in this que for my time to be due.
Track Name: Relusion
Relusion: Ive become disillusioned to this spiritual contusion, addict for this commercial product called relusion
which has brought about almost every military intrusion while i pray for days impirialist extrusion, cause im stuck
here on battlefield earth were my people mix like any given firth in the kind of world we truley belong our world will mirror absense of every wrong a peacefull protest vigilance is the key these divisions are delusions that separate
you and me, that cloud our mind and force us to disagree while cranial cavity resembles decadent debree. An error that of human evolution a solution to expose the masses to toxic polution to eradicate and cut down the populus due to over consumption the planet goes bust...Back on the track spittin nothing but hate
as genetic degradation and climate change are fate, fluride in the water food prices inflate while elected officails
tend to neagte and dictate, ive told you before im no colonial slave but these closed borders are depraved Yo, its me verse the machine like every other day, mind on my money as im barely getting paid, the infinite reality which i am a part. the slavery inherit in a system deemed corrupt. yo forced to the bossom of some capitalist slime there nothing but filth taking up air time, seclusion bears down on all mere mortals infatuation of specie look to
spirit portals, concealed to the naked we are being led to a biased system which were fed. teathing on objective though wasnt what the profits taught divinity cannot be taught it must be sought/repeat chorus....
Track Name: Unnatural Selection
Ecocide Over consumption will give rise to the sixth extinction.Habitat destruction climate will change our hands covered in the remains of earth a rotted ecosystem, this ecosystem will be our tomb. Disolve into the acidic oceans, like sands in an hour glass so were the days of our life...an empty shell a bastardized carcass Humans a useless mas. only the corrupt will remain..
Track Name: An-Nihilstic Torment
How can i describe the lack of care i feel for humanity? this void it consumes, I lust for an end But to no avail, i still breathe TORMENT. we have no value The Arrogance it Bewilders,Pias we are not we create obsolescence for no reason we exist but why Nihilistic Torment
i breathe so i exist but this holds no weight within existence
a stain on the fabric of time yet i digress...